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Laurel Handmade Jewelry Boutique (previously known as Laurel Irys Dream Boutique) was renamed & revamped in January 2016. Vintage (brass plated) charm jewelry is our core business where you can mix and match any charms into desired accessories such as necklace, bracelets, earrings and even anklets. Offering almost 400+ customized charms accessories, we are sure that you will find the charms that represent your personality be it custom charms bracelets, custom handmade necklaces, customized charm key chain and more.

Oh yeah, since you customize your own vintage charm jewelry, it would be difficult to see accessories with same charms 🙂

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Aki Seow                                 

Nice handmade bracelet & others. Reasonable & cheap price. Worthy purchase.

Chan Mary        

服务态度非常棒!Carmen chow

Sin Ten Wong 

Akan beli lg. Service terbaikk & sgt flexible !!!!

Noor Hana

服務好 回覆又快 出貨也快👍🏻

Lee SG

Personalized Jewelry Store in Malaysia